About us

Thank you for taking the time to be here, read my stories of living a life build with resilience, grace and grit.

We are made of strong metal, fortified by years of experiences and all the while open for new knowledge that helps us grow along the way.

Let me share a little of my own imperfect life….

For the last 30 something years, I’ve been a businesswoman, wife, mother, athlete. Married an amazing man, created a beautiful family together, bought a farm, built a thriving business. 

My marriage of 20 years ended five years ago and managing my children living in two different households, was tougher than I expected, working full time and building a new career and a new life to boot. 

I wanted to honour my family and the life we had built and be led by compassion for a man who I had loved for half of my life. Separation and divorce can be filled with love along with the sorrow. New beginnings are never easy.

2018 was our family’s worst with the passing of my husband Scott, and in that moment, I knew that there was no choice. I had to step up and be the leader for my family and my own life. 

The realisation that we all have a choice on how life can be, but very few of us choose to live an intentional life.  Love, grief, compassion, resilience.

Mastering my mind, (and my grief) to begin to build a plan for my life, supporting my kids  and embracing a network of women to surround myself with was now priority number 1!

The boys and I

I started down this road for myself and turning my life around. Delving back into study human behaviour, (mostly my own!) gave me the skills to delve deeply into how we take on too much, do too much and how we can start to honour myself more. 

We all need to take care of ourselves first, and I was able to find my voice for sharing what I had learnt with other women who were facing life changing moments in their lives too.  It could be breakups or breakdowns. compassion and deep connection. Someone to walk alongside while we build a better life. 

A life to be proud of, and above all, A PLAN! Too many of us don’t have a plan. Waiting for a fairy tale to befall us, but it is up to ourselves to be the creator of our own lives. This is the greatest lesson I’ve learnt. In the darkest of moments is where the light shines in.

I started to really listen to women and their stories. Those of love and loss, starting over. Being single and finding a way to live healthy, happy and wealthy lives. We don’t need too much; we just need enough. 

Life is short, very… very… short in the whole scheme of things. You all taught me that. Thank you. 

And then I finally found depth in my own life, to write and walk into my own journey and start helping others rebuilding lives, and along the way rebuilt my own.

Giving women the tools that I found in the deepest moments of grief, the books that inspired me to always move forward and creating a new framework of thinking and living is my way of giving back and making sure that we as women always have a plan for ourselves and our families. 

I’m thankful my experiences reminded me of the value of time and finding how to balance

 it with the experiences and people who bring happiness into my life.