Making Money Last

The No Regrets Guide to RETIREMENT- Patricia Howard I’m a sucker for a great title and my love of books is no secret to those who know me. Deep in me is a drive to learn on subjects that interest me as I’m sure they do to us all that…

Deviation Road Wines

Lazy Sundays and especially lazy sunny winter Sundays just beg for an afternoon of relaxation with a glass of wine. Now finding that one of our favourite wineries has been named by 2022 Halliday Wine Companion best sparking wine, what more excuse did we need to head up to Longwood…

Love and Other Misdemeanours

A book to enjoy over a glass of wine and a long bath.Real life stories from Alannah Hill. It reminds me of conversations that you’d have with your best friend regaling stories of “remember the time when”…. “ Children growing up and our desire to keep them close, dating again as…

K1 Wines- by Geoff Hardy

K1 Wines is a world away from suburbia and yet a stone’s throw from home. Kuitpo was my stomping ground for school camps back in the day, but now all grown up, I’ve found a great place to while away a couple of hours without spending a fortune.

Cafe Troppo- Bruch calling

Cafe Troppo- Bruch calling

Finding a great cafe for brunch each weekend has become a real trip. Not so much in the distance travelled. God knows that we are all very close to home since 2020, but more the kind of search that’s become highly competitive between he and I.

Thinking about Procrastinating

We all have that thing. You know the one. The thing you need to do, you want to do, the back of the brain nagging voice with a to do list that remains unfinished. The big project you want to start or the list of background chores that keeps on…

do less

Do Less

As the single songstress of my own life and home, being a classic “D” type personality, it was no surprise that I have overachieving tendencies. Living alone has its challenges at the best of times. There’s no one else to do all the jobs at home, cook the meals, clean, get the dry cleaning. Generally, we independent women must get our own shit sorted on a daily basis!

Creating a Life Worth Living

“One says your way. The other says their way”“Which one do you choose?” Imagine that time before all the responsibilities in life got in the way and took us in a different direction and focused our energy on just getting through the days. We don’t feel anymore, we just go…

Soulful Simplicity- the big exhale

This week I finally nailed it! 30 days and I’ve regained my mornings again. Top obstacle to getting back to my old self was sleep. I’ve been craving sleep for so long, insomnia kicked my butt for the longest time over the last year and as much as I tried,…

The Art of Living Alone

Mastering the art of aloneness and the richness of solitude is such a loaded phrase for most women I speak to and work with. The conversations run deep by challenging ourselves to bridge the gap from the imaginary boundary where we as women understand that we are in charge of our fates and the drivers of our life.