Creating a Life Worth Living

“One says your way. The other says their way”
“Which one do you choose?”

Imagine that time before all the responsibilities in life got in the way and took us in a different direction and focused our energy on just getting through the days. We don’t feel anymore, we just go through the motions. When was the last time you actually felt your fingertips, or wriggled your toes and actually felt??

And yet, it occurs to me that they are before us every day, all for the taking. Life isn’t about things, it’s about how we want to feel and finding that feeling every day, searching for it, even in the mundane. Yes, the big trips, the job promotion, the new house, the fancy car make us chase, chase, chase, but what are we chasing for?

It’s how we feel and then the light bulb moment. To realise that we can create a life filled with feeling instead of things. Giving love to the people that we care about, opening a door for a stranger, the smell of coffee in the morning, the sun on our skin.

Let’s build a life like that!

Now, that’s a journey worth taking!

Danielle LaPorte and her book The Desire Map . taught me that instead of chasing things, I learnt to chase feelings. And those I could have every day. No more waiting for a rainy day. Every day, small wins and a sense that I’d taken back my power to life an engaged life. It’s a great read and a beautifully crafted piece of work. a manifesto on how to live life well.

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