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The No Regrets Guide to RETIREMENT- Patricia Howard

I’m a sucker for a great title and my love of books is no secret to those who know me.

Deep in me is a drive to learn on subjects that interest me as I’m sure they do to us all that read. The future is before us all and the older I get, the more I focus on providing for myself and that said future. As a single woman it’s a fact that our savings and super are on average much lower than men and I’m a big believer in providing for myself.

I’m a planner in life and all things. Yes there’s fun to be had in the now as well, I know. I must have some fun along the way, because as the song goes, “these are the days”. I also know more than most how short life really is, but it might be long too. It’s uncertain but there’s the thrill of it and we work very hard to provide for ourselves and enjoy it in the here and now. But what about 10 years from now, or even 5 years? The closer I get to retirement age, the more important my nest egg is and what I can stash for when we might actually get to cross a border again. Bali, I miss you so very much. 

Retirement used to seem so far away when you are 30 but hit your 50’s and it all gets up close and personal in your face. Right in your face! Do I have enough, is it working hard enough, how do I work out what I should be doing with my retirement funds to make them work hard for me? Like a small child left outside to their own devices, if I don’t check up on them occasionally, I can’t be surprised when things don’t go as expected. 

Most finance books written here in Australia and its subset of being written for women are overall talking to the generations before us. The millennials, the Gen Y & Gen Z’s. the Instagram darlings. “How to make money of YouTube” or “Millennial Money”.

We are way, way past that those days, though the YouTube route sounds fun. Imagine, YouTube being taken over by the Silver Generation! But I digress.

Here is a book written for us. The 50’s something women and maybe for the blokes too, and most importantly it’s written in a language that we can understand. Patricia Howard has written this for us. To take care of ourselves and our future. Not left to chance but planned for and there’s no time like the present to get it sorted.

I’m not sure about you, but the weeks and months seem to whizz by. Where do the days go? I lost July in a blink. It’s almost September. Time is flying and whilst I grab a moment at night to read, this is one of the books on my bedside table. 

Patricia draws us to take stock of our lives, kill our debts and plan for a truly great retirement. That might be later in life or maybe sooner. The choice is ours, and it is that. A choice. With the foundations in place and nurturing what we have we can be financially independent. Not relying on the pension but relying on ourselves. When I did the sums on what was enough, I have my number. I plan on living to a right old age and being annoying to my kids. But who knows what the future holds? I just want enough to see me living disgracefully to the end. Finding a great financial adviser to help me get there has made me step outside my comfort zone and ask for help to be sure that I’m on track. Oh, I ask a lot of questions too in my quest to understand where my money is and to be sure it’s invested to meet my goals for the road ahead. 

Highly recommend you grab a copy. There are very few finance books that hit the mark for me, but this is one for us!

Here is the link to Patricia’s page to learn more about her.

Here is a link to her book if you’d like a copy.


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