Soulful Simplicity- the big exhale

This week I finally nailed it! 30 days and I’ve regained my mornings again.

Top obstacle to getting back to my old self was sleep. I’ve been craving sleep for so long, insomnia kicked my butt for the longest time over the last year and as much as I tried, there was no way I could follow my old routine.

I’ve learnt so much about managing my energy and mornings as tough as they have been have finally made their way to my love list.

Burnout really sucked! Like dragging yourself through mud every…single…day.

Wouldn’t wish it on anyone and it affects your whole life. Exercise stopped, sleep stopped. I was so tired in the afternoons that I’d full face plant the couch as soon as I’d walk in the door.Looking back all I can say is “holy shit!” You don’t realize the impact of sleep deprivation until it’s upon you and I was not loving life. My smile was masking my longing for my bed and I was losing hours every day just getting by. Everything non-essential stopped and I mean everything……

For the last month I’ve protected a bank of time before the world wakes so that I can make more out of my days and do more of the things I love. My energy is back. Hallelujah!Set the alarm and my lamps to come on in my room so that I could get out of bed fifteen minutes earlier for a week and so on until now I have managed to be up at 5am rather than 6:30am. It took a whole month, some days were better than others and some were a drag. But hey, 30 days and I turned it around. Go me!!

There are days that I’m finding myself waking even earlier and still have enough energy to make it through the day which is huge from such a shitty starting point only a few months ago.

It’s been a stretch, but the early hours seem to bring the most enjoyment. No more rushing to get out the door and so much more time to myself when my energy is highest and now my body is feeling like it’s over the hurdle.

And the biggest lesson has been learning to say “no”. Well actually its more like “no thank you”. Doesn’t hurt to be polite! Doing less has allowed me to refine myself to the essence of what I really need to do and giving myself the gift of time.

On my bedside table is



Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver. It’s beautifully written and teaches that the quest for simplifying our life, leaves room for so much more. It’s a practical roadmap for living more with less.

“We are weary because we do not rest. Weekends have become more about catching up, running errands, and planning for the next week than about resting or enjoying the day. The one time we actually take a day off is when we are sick. And why are we sick? Because we are weary.”

Courtney’s book has been the catalyst for my own pivot to a simpler life. Less really is becoming more.

I feel better, the earlier I get up, the better I feel. Time for slow starts, my writing, taking Annie for a walk. Soon exercise and I can become acquainted again but not as before. This time it’s more about what feels right instead of running myself into the ground. My adrenals can thank me later.

And the weekends are filled with the experiences I love. Long slow mornings, coffee, sitting in the sun. Vitamin D, I love you!

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Enjoy your week my friends,

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